Naa Ishtam (My Wish) – A Book By Ram Gopal Varma

 Na Ishtam(My Wish) is written in Telugu language, The book talks about the life journey of  film director Ram Gopal Varma. In one word He is a joker of Indian film making. How he became a film director and who he met in the journey and his lessons and his inspirations how he likes Sri Devi (Film Actress). His selfish care about himself and how he uses media for publicity and his Ramuisam.

He read many books but mostly inspired from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead his life is mostly inspired from this book on top of his Ramuisam to add to it. It also talks about how he grabs the opportunities or sometimes he creates one and how he studies other’s life. He closely observes the real life characters to depict in the movies. His movies mostly based on real life caricatures he met or he adds his Ramuisam to it to take it to the next level to get audience applaud to think it’s really happened. 

He likes Women and sex and he never fails to admit it openly. Though he is not a believer in God but he says God’s most creative things are women.

The books mostly talks about his journey toward to become a film director and how he created to make it once and also his ideology about self-belief and selfcare never give a dam what others think of your thoughts and your actions.

The other half of the book talks about his interview questions and his answers mostly adds to his Ramuisam, it covers all the topics in the world that sounds him and about his ideology and thoughts and Women and Sex. Film making is an art, he lives in it, from his college days he watches movies every day mostly and interacted with most intellectually advanced people and read such books to take his thoughts and ideas to the next level. We can say he lives in cinema hall/Movie Theater. How a child wonders about big things when he was small, he alway try to bring the talent from talented artist without knowing that he is talented to his knowledge. If any one adds no value to his life or to the movie he don’t care.

Other section of the book talks about Ram gopal varma by various persons who is closely interacted with Ramgopal varam. How they think about ram and why he is so self centered and his mark on film making and how he did such hit films such as Siva, Rangila, Sarkar and many more hit films as well and many more flop films such as Aag.

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