A Brief History of Time book review

Brief History of time

Brief History of time

Recently I read a book titled “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking (Theoretical Physicist). It talks about from Big Bang to Black Holes. Cover quote tells what’s the book all about in a line “This book marries a child’s wonder to a genius’s intellect. We journey into Hawking’s universe while marvelling at his mind”

This book talks about the whole journey from days of Aristotle to as of today where we are on trying to understanding of the universe using theΒ  string theory. This book not only for those who are into physics but also for every one who wants to know how the universe works and how the universe is expanding from where it’s going and from where it’s came from and where we are as of today. It also tried to answer some of the common questions such as is there a God? How did the universe started?Β  where it is heading to? What is the life cycles of black holes? How do they form? What happens to the matter falls into the black holes?

Stephen Hawking put together the all the scientific theories to understand the universe from General relativity to Quantum mechanics and from doppler effect to uncertainty principle. To make every reader to understand the physics, he tried to put into simple words and examples.

What are black holes? How do they form and what happens if an astronaut falls into it? Is it really that black? How the back holes radiate and evopate into empty? This book is the answer for all the questions we have in physics.

How gravitational waves created. What are the impacts how did we detect them? This book is really takes you to the space visualizes the picture of whole universe in front of you from the time time started and how it evolved to as of today

How the laws of physics won’t work at the singularity of the black hole and how did the elementary particles formed and the strongest forces in the universe between the elementary particles such as nuclear forces. From Big bag to as of today how we came across all the hurdles and perfectly sufficient to form life on earth. How natural to have planets like earth and how did solar system formed. This book answers the most of the day to day question we have such as How did all the matter in the universe came ? and Where it is now?

Stephen Hawking trying to unify the both theories General Relativity andΒ  Quantum Mechanics to understand the whole universe in a single picture or in a single theory. It also explains the how did the galaxies form ? What is the life cycle of stars? What happens in the supernova ? This book also opens the doors for some of the science fiction movies such as interstellar 5th dimension, as 4th dimension is Time which start from Big Bang. Before Big Bang no concept of time.
This book also tried to answer many simple questions such as why is the universe expanding and what is the rate expansion? Will it contract to a single point such a Big Crunch in the near future? How did the initial element such as Hydrogen (H) generated the rest of the elements in the periodic table? Of Course by the process of supernova in the stars explosion. Literally speaking you and me and the things around you the water you drink everything you see are formed in the star and travelled all the way here and formed life and trying to understand the where it came from? What an irony!!
After reading this book you’ll have a clear picture of the universe, where we are living and how small we are? What’s the age of the universe? What is outside the observable universe of cosmic microwave background? is there another universe ? Does really God exists? if does What his role in creating the universe? Why he left untouched after creating the universe? Why he decided to let it evolve on it’s own? What is outside theΒ  universe, is there another universe? How did he configured our universe to evolve on it’s own laws?
Final Thoughts:
This book is worth thousand physics books, who wants to understand the universe and how it works. on conclusion thought he explained the entire universe could be explained using the string theory but it’s hard to prove the theory to exist the 10 dimensions or atleast to prove there are other dimensions that we cannot see.
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