Minimalist Life Style


The Path to an Organized, Stress-Free, and Decluttered Life

Often minimalism is misunderstood by many considered it as spending less or cutting down the costs. It’s more of a mindset of minimalist living lifestyle with moto as “Less is More” with quality but not quantity as priority


If you desire to live with less than 100 things or not own a car or to travel all over the world without fear, minimalism can help. But that’s not the point. The point is that minimalism is a tool to help you achieve freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from worry, freedom from overwhelm, freedom from guilt, freedom from depression, freedom from enslavement.

Minimalism Principles

Understanding Minimalisam

Minimalism is a tool to achieve fulfillment in life. It is a tool to achieve happiness, which is (let’s face it) what we are all looking for. We all want to be happy. Minimalism can help. There are no rules in minimalism. Rather, minimalism is simply about stripping away the unnecessary things in your life so you can focus on what’s important.

Minimalist Home

We'll take you though a typical home, and explore minimalist tactics that helps you declutter your home from bedroom to kitchen including home office.

Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle is the process of identifying what is essential in your life and having the courage to eliminate the rest. When you remove the unnecessary, you free up your time and capacity to focus on the things that truly matter in your life. Less is more.

Minimalist Challenges

All you have to do is choose one task to do each day for the next 30 days. The order doesn’t matter. Such as Buy Nothing Challenge and No Media Challenge.

Change & Experimentation

If we don’t feel like getting up or moving, we will drastically change our physiology (e.g., go for a walk, jump up and down like a crazy person [seriously], do push-ups, change our breathing [deeper, more conscious breaths], run as fast as we can for 30 seconds, etc.). Do something to radically change your physical state. Motion creates emotion.

Focus on What’s Important

Minimalism allows us to focus on what’s important in our life, to focus on developing our personal relationships, improving our physical health, pursuing my passions, growing as an individual, and contributing to people in meaningful ways.

Minimalist life

Taking Action

minimalist desk top

How To Make a Damn Decision

Making decisions is often difficult. And procrastination is easy, at least for the moment. But there is no reward in procrastination

Packing Party

Why a packing party? Well, the idea of turning this difficult event into a β€œparty” (much like how Colin Wright had a Breakup Party when he amicably parted ways with his girlfriend). For our party it was just the two of us, but you should invite some friends over to share the β€œfun” if you can.

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