Mobile Device management

Mobile Device management:

Enhancement for Mobile Device management, which reminds the controller if the user attempts to update the

OS / Software within the mobile along with Anti-Theft protection and controlling Security Attacks

Device Management :

1. Track device in smaller areas

2. Give complete details about device serial number, model number, os version (Include if any)

3. Notify admin if any of the device is going out of the range

4. Maintain the count (In & Out) of the devices in the locker from Mrng to the end of the day

5. Alert to the admin if someone tries to update the OS. Or disable the S/W upgrade features from the device (*************)

6. Keep track of the Apple Idโ€™s / Gmail Idโ€™s used to register the new phone or the existing one

7. Set alert at 8:30 – 9:00 pm which should indicate the admin, if any of the device left out in workplace without placing it in to the locker

8. See if any technique is available to check if the locker is locked or not(****************)

9. Track locker key to know if it is misplaced somewhere (*************)

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