What is the purpose of life?

Ask a man who is walking towards the gallows, to pay for a crime he did not commit.

Ask a mother who is sitting by her son, as he draws his last breath.

Ask a soldier who has just been shot at by enemies plundering his country.

Ask a guy who was planning to propose his lover during dinner, but is now

lying on the ground, blasted by a terrorist bomb.

Ask a man who has just had deadly accident, while his wife, children and aged parents are waiting for him to bring the day’s food home.

These are some things conveying the point of living. Live because:

  • Experiencing emotions is a privilege given only to a living soul. Love and be loved. Enter into a relationship.
  • Journey is more important than destination. Work for one dream that you saw as a child. Or even better – fulfill your parents’ dream.
  • There are millions out there who want to live. Give them a life. Educate an underprivileged child and do social work. Remember thatΒ money can buy happiness too.
  • You have still not overcome fear. Go for an adventure and overcome a fear. Afraid of heights? Go bungee jumping! And die brave.
  • Science is still limited when it comes to solving deadly diseases.
  • Technology still can’t protect Earth from global warming. Innovate and protect this world.
  • And most importantly, it’s only while living that you can wake up in the morning, hear the chirping of the birds, smell the fragrance of the flowers, feel the touch of your beloved, see the brilliance of the sun, and tell yourself as you look into the mirror, that life is the best thing that ever happened to you.
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