What is the best way to stay good-looking?

  1. Practice drinking 8โ€“10 glasses of water. Make sure you do not drink water just before or after meals.
  2. Have a sound sleep of 6โ€“8 hours daily.
  3. Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Use a sunscreen.
  4. Ditch refined grains. Switch to whole wheat, oats, brown rice and other whole grains.
  5. Reduce your daily sugar intake. Beat your sugary cravings with fruits.
  6. Eat at least one serving of raw vegetable salad. Anytime of the day.
  7. Eat one handful of nuts daily. Welcome, glowing skin.
  8. Spend 15 minutes doing exercise. Whenever you find time.
  9. Give your phone, laptop a break. Nature is more fascinating.
  10. Smile. Life is beautiful and so are you.
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