What are some good Daily Habits ?

  1. Everyday, spend some time doing something that you really like.
  2. Do nothing for 10 minutes. Just nothing.
  3. Make a To Do list every morning.
  4. Read. Even if you read just one page, it’s OK.
  5. Talk to the ones who care for you.
  6. Help a needy.
  7. Feed animals.
  8. Observe a creature. Just like you, they are also a piece of life.
  9. Respect time.
  10. You don’t need to take this life too seriously. Remember that.
  11. Don’t hesitate in sharing your knowledge.
  12. Spend at least 15 minutes doing exercise.
  13. Sleep well.
  14. Wake up early. It’s worth the effort.
  15. Turn off the snooze button.
  16. Eat one serving of raw veggies.
  17. Eat one handful of nuts.
  18. Be sure that fruits are a part of your daily diet.
  19. Eat whole grains.
  20. Most importantly, never miss to smile.

β€œIn a healthy body, resides a healthy mind”.

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