Life Tips

Life tips:

  1. Listen more.
  2. In office, don’t finish your work earlier. It won’t earn rewards. Instead more work. Finish it at right time.
  3. Walk daily. In evening, from office to home, if it is nearby, or to busstop or railway station. Atleast 2 kms daily.
  4. Do the household activities yourself. Like sweeping, mopping..
  5. Give others a chance to talk.
  6. Talk to your parents. Atleast attend their calls.
  7. Make sure you have a second income.
  8. Shop what you need. Not what is there in the offer.
  9. Donate atleast 1% of your income.
  10. Avoid ordering in online food delivery. Walk atleast to the restaurant.
  11. Save atleast 10% of your income
  12. Invest in stocks, atleast small amounts. You learn from mistakes.
  13. Visit hometown atleast ones in a year.
  14. Don’t drink and drive. It’s more dangerous to the people on road than you.
  15. Avoid popcorn in theatres.
  16. Don’t keep laptops on your laps.
  17. Don’t believe in Goibibo cash back. It comes with 100’s of terms and conditions.
  18. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.
  19. Don’t knock it till you try it.
  20. Always useΒ weΒ when referring to your home team.
  21. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.
  22. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  23. Don’t dumb yourself down.
  24. Never park in front of a bar.
  25. If you are staying more than one night, unpack.
  26. Keep a picture of your first fish,first car, first gf/bf.
  27. Don’t mention sunburns. Believe me, they know.
  28. The best way to show thanks is to wear it. Even if it’s only once.
  29. Take a vacation of your cell phone, internet and TV once a year.
  30. A handshake beats an autograph.
  31. If you want to know what makes you unique, sit for a caricature.
  32. Never get your haircut the day of a special event.
  33. Be mindful of what comes between you and the Earth. Always buy good shoes, tires and sheets.
  34. When you’re with new friends, don’t just talk about old friends.
  35. It’s never too late for an apology.
  36. Don’t pose with booze, it’s unbecoming.
  37. When you marry someone, remember you marry their entire family.
  38. Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she’s pregnant.
  39. Don’t make a scene.
  40. Know when to ignore the camera.
  41. when giving a speech, short and sweet is best.
  42. Invest in great luggage.
  43. Never gloat.
  44. Make time for your mother on your birthday. It’s a special day for her too.
  45. When opening presents, no one likes a good guesser
  46. Sympathy is a crutch. Never fake a limp.
  47. Don’t stare.
  48. If you have made your point, stop talking.
  49. Give credit. Take blame.
  50. Admit it when you’re wrong.
  51. Thanks the bus driver.
  52. Never answer the phone at dinner table.
  53. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  54. Look people in the eye when you thank them.
  55. Know how to cook one good meal.
  56. Be cool to younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime.
  57. Know at least one good joke.
  58. Don’t lose your cool. Especially at work.
  59. If you don’t understand, ask before it’s too late.
  60. Keep your word.
  61. Be a good listener. Don’t just take your turn to talk.
  62. Don’t be the talker in a movie.
  63. Be kind. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them.
  64. Don’t litter.
  65. Make the little things count.
  66. Know the words to your national anthem.
  67. Make goals πŸ™‚

— Koushik

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